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A collection of Tessa's works

Tessa was a brilliant writer and storyteller. We're honored to share some of her works with you.

A Cancer Diagnosis at 21 Taught Me to Run—and I Haven't Stopped

Tessa Wiseman
Tessa Wiseman
  • Tampa Karate Kid Prepares to Take on the World

  • Flooding in Pasco Prompts Evacuation Orders

  • Gov. Scott Leads 'Cut My Taxes' Chant

  • Bill Seeks to Protect Children Through Polygraphs During Hiring

  • Department of Justice Investigating Tampa's Bike Policing

Tessa Wiseman
  • Cruz, Clinton overcome close Iowa caucuses

  • Chick-fil-A resolution prompts debate

  • MCAT update adds new stress for pre-med students

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