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Seline Chen
Aug 17, 2023
In Share Your Memory
One of my first impressions of Tessa, as well as my most vivid memory, was an evening in freshman year, Tessa greeted me with a smile after a run in the humid summer air of Baltimore. I praised her for her commitment for workout after a long day of class, and she shrugged, "nah just 3 miles". She looked sweaty and was panting, but the energy she exuberated made her look so beautiful. That is how I have always remembered her, hence I was shocked when she told me about her health issues later. She was always so smiley, sweet and energetic, that I can't associate the shadow of this illness with her. Tessa, thanks for coming to this world, and for making this world a bit more beautiful for people who have gotten the chance to know you. You will be missed.

Seline Chen

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