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Jocelyn Dyer
Aug 17, 2023
In Share Your Memory
Tessa and I worked together at the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the Immigration Justice Campaign. She was a spectacular colleague and dedicated advocate to people in immigraton detention. Tessa emanated warmth and enthusiasm, rose to any challenge, and had a beautiful way of encouraging and inspiring others. Tessa always had such a positive attitude and found a way to connect with people so easily, whether it was her colleagues or the clients that the Justice Campaign served. I remember her discussing her large and close-knit family so lovingly and always asking about others' families too. I also remember her lacing up her running shoes many nights after work for a run. When Tessa left AILA for law school, it was clear she'd make a phenomenal lawyer. Her ability to both empathise with and advocate for others was extraordinary. Tessa was smart, funny, and pure goodness. She was and will continue to be such an inspiring role model to everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. My deepest condolences to Tessa's family and friends.

Jocelyn Dyer

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