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Aug 16, 2023
In Share Your Memory
I was lucky enough to meet Tessa during highschool. I was deeply impacted by both Tessa and Taylor. Their love for one another and everyone they met was profound and deeply impactful as I was able to look up to them both throughtout the few years I was at SCA. Throughout the time spent with Tessa playing Tennis and having fun in Yearbook, Tessa ended up playing a huge role in my life. The way she lived gave me the courage to boldly love and share kindness to others no matter who they were or where they came from. She was someone I deeply looked up to in the ways in which she carried herself with such grace, kindness, humor, and strong gentle confidence. She knew who she was and Who's she was. She was a pure soul that had so much love to give to every single person she met. As our paths separated I have found myself often remembering Tessa throughout the years and the impact she had on my life. When people ask me "who impacted your pivitol years", I have often found myself telling people about Tessa. Her warmth, beauty, and heart pure of gold. I have so much gratitute at the opportunity to have known her. What a gift to have met someone who carried and gave a love that was holy and such a glimmer of Christ to others in the purest ways. Thank you to the whole Wiseman family as your love for eachother + others was such a beautiful example I have held on to all of these years with the goal of embracing and sharing the same way your family and Tessa have for my life and family. With so much love Olivia Manley (Allensworth)
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