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Samantha Seto
Aug 20, 2023
In Share Your Memory
I am truly heartbroken to learn about the devastating news of my beautiful, kind-hearted, lovely, nice, good-natured, and beloved friend, Tessa Wiseman. Tessa is a gift from God. I have always been inspired by Tessa. I believe Tessa is a perfect role model and spreads her love and joy. She was loved by thousands of her friends, university faculty and staff in academia, and colleagues. I treasure our friendship deep in my heart. I have loved the Wiseman family since we first met in middle school. Tessa, and her sister, Taylor, graduated from Johns Hopkins University like my twin sister, Sarah, and I. She was a gifted writer and excelled in her writing workshops at Hopkins. It brightened my day to see Tessa. I will cherish the memories of Tessa throughout her life. It is an honor and privilege to have been Tessa's friend. I am mourning her death. It is a tragedy. Tessa's memory and legacy will live forever. I will always love and remember her. She is one of my most favorite and best of friends in the entire world. She will always be in my heart. The night I read the upsetting news, I cried heavy tears of pain, distress, and hurt. Tessa will always be loved by everyone. All my love and prayers are with Tessa and her family. I pray that God show his amazing, great love and be with the Wiseman family during this difficult time. I know she is an angel in God's kingdom in heaven and will always be dearly loved by God. ❤️
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Samantha Seto

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