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Usman Rahim
Aug 17, 2023
In Share Your Memory
I met Tessa by accident in my early days in DC, to never run into her again. Until one day, three years later, randomly at lunch. After that we started to become friends and the more I got to know her, the better of a person I became. One of my favorite memories of her will be when we went to Lincoln Memorial one evening after work. And one thing she couldn't get her mind off of was dancing. We never went dancing, but the song she sang sure makes it feel like I've been waltzing all this time. The Tessa I knew loved her God, her family, her friends, dancing, coffee, and all the joys of life! My heart is heavy because all I can think about is that for someone who had every right to let the weight of life take over, she always flipped the script and made you happier. Was the best soul that I crossed paths with. We will always love you, Tess.
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Usman Rahim

Usman Rahim

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