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Victoria Dawe
Aug 16, 2023
In Share Your Memory
I didn't know Tessa very well, but from reading about her and other posts, it's clear that doesn't matter- she impacted everyone she met and was a true shining light in everybody's life. We went to Hopkins together, but I got to know her after we graduated when I joined the board of the 24 Foundation- an organization committed to raising money for those affected by cancer. We hosted a 24 hour biking and walking event on the Hopkins campus and Tessa was our guest speaker during kick off. I was and continue to be so impressed by Tessa's story, her resilience, her ability to make sure she was never the center of attention, her smile and cheerfulness through it all. I feel like people love to say "their happiness is infectious" or things along those lines about lots of people, but wow, I felt it about Tessa maybe more than anyone I've ever met. She truly made you feel happier just being around her, no matter who you were, how long you'd known her, if you'd ever see her again... it didn't matter. A true ray of sunshine that will continue to share her light with all of us, I'm sure.
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Victoria Dawe

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